The market for Finance & Control, Audit & Risk and Cyber ​​security is growing strongly due to increasing laws & regulations, increasing IT Security risks and more attention for Control and Supervision within organizations. Within this rising demand, the demand for temporary hiring in these areas is also increasing. Organizations do not have the knowledge and capacity or need a specialized flexible shell. Intermediate brings Interim professionals and clients together. We have a very large network of qualified and experienced Interim professionals and related agencies and can present a few candidates in the very short term.

INTERMEDIATE is founded by Remco Spruyt and Teun Tonino with the believe that long term relationships with clients, combined with technical knowledge, experience and involvement creates more added value for companies than regular recruitment firms. Given the fact that they also perform assignments themselves, they are way better in determining the requirements the Interim professional should have to successfully complete the assignment and to have a better match with the client.

About Remco

Throughout my entire career I have worked as an Internal Auditor and Risk Manager. With my business administration background, I’m always exited to analyze new organizations in a short period of time and determine how I can help to improve internal control and get the organization better “In Control”. My qualities are best reflected in relatively small to medium-sized and flat organizations where you can still have an impact. I can always work well with employees at different levels, from CFOs to people on the work floor and I am convinced that this authentic human contact, based on genuine interest, is a key to success. Because I noticed more and more that I am very entrepreneurial I wanted to do more with this. During one of my interim assignments I got to know Teun and I soon had the feeling that I would one day start something with him. We have always kept in touch and that ultimately led to the establishment of INTERMEDIATE. I am really curious where this will lead!

About Teun

Since 2000 I have studied information security and risk management. The search for the best balance between entrepreneurship on the one hand and the growing dependence on information provision on the other has always fascinated me. These fields are more relevant today than ever. In various roles I have helped organizations to make visible progress with regard to information security and risk management; as a consultant, interim manager, auditor, and as a coach or trainer. The deployment of adequate technical, organizational and process control measures is absolutely custom-made for every organization. Customization that can only be offered by someone who actually understands the organization, who uses his / her knowledge and experience to take the most adequate measures together with the organization. The search for that special interim professional is complex. INTERMEDIATE helps with this. We know the field and find the right professional.


As two passionate Formula 1 fans, we wanted to have a company name which was associated to this sport. Intermediate is a tire type used in Formula 1. The fact that “Inter” is in the name expresses our role, namely a mediator between clients and Interim Professionals. Finally, we can quickly deliver Interim Professionals, which in turn has the association with “Immediate”.

For more information, contact:

Remco Spruyt

+31 (0) 611 662 797     remco.spruyt@intermediate.pro

Teun Tonino

+31 (0) 641 233 433     teun.tonino@intermediate.pro