In need for a Compliance Officer, Risk Manager or Cybersecurityspecialist for your Fintech company?

  • Challenges in meeting Regulatory Requirements?
  • Unaware of the applicable risks to your company?
  • Internal control not up to par?
  • Incidents and inadequate business processes?

Challenges for Fintechs

A Fintech is often a young company that is still in the scale-up phase with many challenges in the areas of meeting regulatory requirements, securing customer data, fraud detection and prevention and ensuring Business Continuity. Because it is not yet an established organization, compliance and internal risk management often have a lower level of maturity than the traditional and large financial players that have been around for decades.

“We recently provided an Internal Auditor to an organization that provides an investment app. This interim professional had established a full-fledged Audit position in a year’s time. This gave the Leadership Team and investors more insight into the deficiencies in processes and the level of control of the organization. The expectations of regulators such as the AFM and DNB with regard to Internal Audit were also met”.

Qualified interim professionals

You want to take your compliance, governance and risk management to a higher level and consistently be in control. You also want to be well prepared for an audit or visit from a Regulator. That’s possible!

A scale-up is often too small to set up a complete department for compliance, risk and security challenges. You can solve this by hiring qualified interim professionals.

The advantages of hiring an interim professional


You no longer have to search the tight labour market for suitable personnel.


The knowledge of experts by experience. Our interim professionals are tried and tested in the field and can translate their knowledge into the challenges that Fintechs face.


Think of internal auditors, risk managers, Chief Risk Officers and Data Protection Officers for expert audits, compliance and risk analyses, but also the best finance, control and cybersecurity specialists.

“It is always a pleasure to work with INTERMEDIATE Interim Professionals, in part because of the short lines and clear communication. These seasoned specialists know the market, tell it like it is and are happy to go the extra mile to make the right match.”



Take your company to the next level

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