Interim solutions in Audit, Risk & Compliance, Cybersecurity and Finance & Control

  • Knowledge and experience in these fields
  • Independent of employers and vendors
  • High-quality interim professionals

Get temporary reinforcements quickly with interim professionals from INTERMEDIATE

Is your company facing challenges that are difficult to solve because you do not have employees with the right expertise and experience? Do you find it difficult to find people yourself due to the shortage on the labor market? We solve these problems for you. Because we have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of finance and control, audit risk & compliance and cybersecurity, we can translate your challenges into the ideal job profile. We also have a large network of skilled interim professionals. This enables us to propose the right candidate This is a candidate that really solves your problem.

How can INTERMEDIATE help?

INTERMEDIATE is the intermediary between the client and the GRC professional.
INTERMEDIATE was founded by two interim professionals, which means the challenges our clients are facing is fully understood. In addition, we speak the language of interim professionals. This combination ensures a perfect match between the client and the proposed interim professional. The areas of expertise and functions we specialise in include:

Cybersecurity professionals

Experienced cybersecurity professionals for positions such as CISO, information security officer, information security manager and more…

Finance and control professionals

Experienced finance and control professionals for positions such as financial controller, business controller, financial accountant, CFO and more…

Audit, risk & compliance professionals

Experienced audit, risk and compliance professionals for positions such as internal auditor, risk manager, compliance officer, data privacy officer, and more…


Our promise: One or more candidates within three days

Extensive network of experienced interim professionals

Founded by Teun and Remco, two interim professionals who truly understand what is important in your discipline

Fair and transparent approach and rating

Our approach

Our approach is always transparent and extremely effective. In most cases, we start with a complementary open discussion of your needs This teaches us exactly what your challenge is. Based on this information, we make a clear profile of the ideal candidate. We then search and assess the resumes of suitable candidates from our network. We enter into discussions with the best candidates to assess availability, knowledge and suitability. Only if a candidate fully fits the profile, we will introduce this person to you. In many cases, that is within three working days! You can count on a minimum of one and a maximum of three candidates per assignment.


“My experience with Intermediate, and in person Teun, is extremely good. They come up with a good match between client and professional and take a helpful and facilitating attitude. As a professional, I would do an assignment on behalf of Intermediate again in no time.”


(interim professional)

“It is always a pleasure to work with INTERMEDIATE Interim Professionals, in part because of the short lines and clear communication. These seasoned specialists know the market, tell it like it is and are happy to go the extra mile to make the right match.”



“We are an international retailer in 30+ countries with 1000+ stores. Cyber security was an area of focus in which we needed to take a maturity step. Teun created a plan and roadmap for us that we are now executing. It gives us footing and…. read more here


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