Compliance Officer, Risk Manager or Cybersecurity specialist needed for your Pension Fund?

  • Tired of keeping data quality in order?
  • Need help getting ready for the Future of Pensions Act?
  • Challenges to meet expectations of Directors, Participants or Supervisors?

Challenges for Pension Funds

Pension funds and pension administrators face major challenges. The New Pensions Act is coming, and internal and external Stakeholders have increasing expectations regarding Internal Control and compliance with laws and regulations.

We are very experienced in the Pensions sector. For instance, an interim professional at a Pension Administrator helped put things in order so that a clean ISAE 3402 statement was issued by the Auditor.

Experienced interim professionals

You want to take your compliance, governance and risk management to a higher level and consistently be in control. You also want to be well prepared for an audit or visit from a Regulator. That’s possible!

Often, a Pension Fund does not have the right knowledge and experience in-house. You can solve this by hiring qualified interim professionals.

The advantages of hiring an interim professional


You no longer have to search the tight labour market for suitable personnel.


The knowledge of experts by experience. Our interim professionals are seasoned in the field and can translate their knowledge to the challenges faced by Pension Funds and Pension Administrators.


Think of internal auditors, risk managers, Chief Risk Officers and Data Protection Officers for expert audits, compliance and risk analyses, but also the best finance, control and cybersecurity specialists.

“It is always a pleasure to work with INTERMEDIATE Interim Professionals, in part because of the short lines and clear communication. These seasoned specialists know the market, tell it like it is and are happy to go the extra mile to make the right match.”



Make it happen now

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