The number of start-ups and scale-ups is growing rapidly, especially in the world of Fintech. One of the reasons for this is that technological developments offer the possibility of introducing new services or products onto the market at relatively low cost. The threshold to start and to expand quickly in the event of growth and success is therefore low.

What is often lacking at scale- and start-ups? Spend sufficient time on laws and regulations, compliance and a good internal control framework for risk management. Stakeholders, on the other hand, expect that these matters are properly arranged and that the partners they work with are ‘in control’. In this article you can read why compliance and risk management are important and how you can fine-tune these matters with the right measures and expertise.

From start-up to scale-up: the challenges

When compliance and risk management are lacking, start-ups often fail before they can grow into full-fledged scale-ups. In practice, only about 5 percent of all start-ups reach the scale-up stage. This often has to do with the dynamics of this type of organisation. They often grow rapidly and must meet both the needs of the market and the demands of the investors they depend on. In the growth phase, the focus is mainly on marketing and sales, which means that attention to internal control and their place in the broader ecosystem often lacks.

More resilient scale-ups thanks to compliance and risk management

The good news: with a good compliance and risk management framework, a start-up or scale-up becomes a lot more resilient. It makes organizations stronger and more robust and boosts employee confidence. Time to zoom in on the key benefits of regulatory compliance and risk management.

Increased value

Meeting the demands and expectations of shareholders and the ecosystem of companies that you are a part of as a scale-up increases the value of your company. You also avoid costs, for example because you avoid fines for not being compliant with laws and regulations.


Scale-ups are companies that usually still have a lot to prove in the market. A good framework for compliance and risk management (compliance-by-design) demonstrates that an organization is in control. All activities are visible and controllable. In addition, you provide insight into how compliance is embedded in your daily processes and activities. Regulators appreciate this, which increases the chance that a scale-up will receive funds, credit and the right licenses.But customers also benefit from this through increased trust and a better reputation of the organization. It is not without reason that customers increasingly expect statements such as ISAE 3402 from organizations. A robust internal control system is crucial for this.

Tactical and strategic advantages

A good information structure and personnel structure, integration and a common conceptual framework provide more control and profit on a tactical and strategic level. Risk-conscious entrepreneurship ultimately offers the best growth opportunities for the future.

Would you like to know more?

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