“For over a year we have been working with Intermediate. We are an international retailer in 30+ countries with 1000+ stores. Cyber security was an area of focus in which we needed to take a maturity step. Teun created a plan and roadmap for us that we are now executing. It gives us something to hold on to and it made it clear to us where we needed to strengthen ourselves internally. Together with Teun we have put cyber security and internal IT controls higher on the business agenda. He also helped us sourcing and appointing a sr security manager and he also provides temporary executive professionals. This period has taught us that the risks of external threats on the IT infrastructure are only increasing and therefore we need to continuously check the plan and priorities against the current situation. We recently decided to keep Teun on board for a while longer to help shape the strategic choices around cyber security.”



“My experience with Intermediate, and in person Teun, is extremely good. They come up with a good match between client and professional and take a helpful and facilitating attitude. As a professional, I would do another assignment on behalf of Intermediate in no time.”


(interim professional)

“It is always a pleasure to work with INTERMEDIATE Interim Professionals, in part because of the short lines and clear communication. These seasoned specialists know the market, tell it like it is and are happy to go the extra mile to make the right match.”