Do you know the difference between an RO, RA, RE and RC? They all play a big role in the management of your company. The abbreviations are very similar, but the work of these professionals is quite different. In any case, what they have in common is that they are university and post-graduate degrees. Below we will discuss what these titles mean and when it is best to hire people with these titles.

Register Operational Auditor (RO)

An RO is a qualified internal audit professional with knowledge and experience in business operations.

What does an RO do?

The task of an RO is to investigate business operations from a broad and general approach. He does this from a multidisciplinary vision and thus provides insight to the highest management of the organization. As a generalist, the RO helps to tell the story behind the numbers. He looks at all aspects of the company and advises on improvements based on that.

Chartered Accountant (RA)

The use of the title Chartered Accountant (RA) is protected by law. This means that you may only bear this title if you are registered in the register of the Dutch professional organization of accountants.

What does an RA do?

An RA is the person who provides assurance on the finances and administration of an organization. For example, he checks the annual accounts. But an RA does a lot more. He also looks at the systems and processes with which the information was generated. The RA is the connecting link between the parties involved and the organization itself.

Register IT auditor (RE)

A RE is a registered IT auditor. For registration in the Registry as an EDP auditor (RE) they must have completed a university education as an IT auditor and have at least three years of experience. The title Register IT-auditor therefore guarantees quality.

What does a RE do?

A RE has knowledge of information technology and organizational science. A RE provides independent advice and judgment on the quality aspects of information Technology. For example, you can have a RE carry out an IT assurance investigation. But a RE does more than just IT assurance. A RE thinks along and advises on all information technology. A RE can also deal well with software packages, IT projects, control and security.

Register controller (RC)

A register controller is the business partner of the management and supervises the financial operations, for example through management reports.

What does an RC do?

An RC makes a connection between the financials and policy. As a result, he switches between accountability and implementation. The register controller promotes and monitors productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of organizational activities. He provides insight into the financial side of the business processes so that Management can make more informed decisions.

What are the differences?

Where the RA and RC are more on the financial side of an organization, the RE and RO focus more on general business operations.

Difference Between RA and RC

A register controller (RC) goes one step further than a chartered accountant (RA). Where a chartered accountant receives the figures, the register controller looks for them itself and ensures that these figures are correct. In addition, an RC is also concerned with the future and is often used in general terms. RAs are usually not employed by an organization, but part of an accounting firm and providing independent assurance on the accuracy of the financials.

Difference Between RO and RE

A registered IT auditor (RE) focuses mainly on IT and information technology. A RE assesses and advises on IT management and security in an organization. A registered operational auditor (RO) mainly focuses on the entire business operations, looking at risk management. He advises the board or management on this.

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The differences between the titles and qualifications determine what a professional can do for your company. Would you like to know more about what an RO, RA, RE or RC can do for you? Not sure which professional you need? Please contact us for more information.

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